Evidence of Data Driven Impacts

The “laser coaching” concept shocked me in the best way! I was hesitant how much could be shared with my coach and how impactful his feedback could be with such short time frames.  But with the pre-coaching handout, I was able to thoughtfully identify areas of focus and John was magnificent at asking follow-up questions to help me hone in on my true concern and identify actionable next steps.

Corporate Laser Coaching Client

“You will be lucky if you get to work with John O’Brien! John is intelligent, a clear thinker who can see issues systemically and help problem solve appropriately. He is probably the most ethical person that I know. Best of all, he has a great sense of humor.
I have known John for over 20 years, both personally and professionally. If I have an issue or concern, he is the first person I want to talk to. He is a great listener, empathic and concerned. When it is appropriate, he offers great advice.
John has my highest recommendation.”

Nancy J. Abel, LCSW, LADC

Co-author, Treating Addictions with EMDR Therapy and the Stages of Change EMDR Consultant and Therapist, South Portland, Maine

So impressed with John’s skills and warm welcome.  I felt instantly comfortable talking about personal work concerns which likely had a positive impact on my reception to his feedback.

Corporate Laser Coaching client

Working with John is a fantastic experience.  I appreciate how he listens to the issues, identifies the key components, and provides candid feedback.  Speaking with John has given me both a long-term strategic view as well as tangible actions I can take to progress my initiatives.  Working with John over the past few years has been a great benefit to my professional and personal life.

Ryan W, VP Finance

Dr. John O’Brien comes to the work of coaching with a soul deep passion to help others find their true selves and live lives of good health, and to align themselves with nurturing pathways to success in work, relationships, and choices made. Dr. O’Brien’s integrity is unquestionable, and his professional presence embodies a confidence earned from his honest dedication and hard work. His professional skills, his creativity and his humor are his signature personal qualities that welcome his clients into a world that reflects their best. Such an honor to call Dr. John O’Brien a colleague.

Maggie Palmer, Ph.D. President, DocExecutive

“John’s warm, easygoing nature shines through in his trainings, and it is that, coupled with his expertise, that had us calling him again. John is responsive, witty, and personable—the perfect partner for your training, education, and coaching needs.”

Mary Gagnon, Training and Clinical Development Specialist, Health Affiliates Maine