Wall of Wellness and Well-Being

The Wall of Wellness and Well-Being is a tool designed to help you think about your level of satisfaction with different areas of your life.

Once you have completed this exercise, sit back and look at your wall. What elements are strongest? What elements contain your lowest levels of satisfaction? Use this tool to assess where your life needs more attention in order to feel a greater sense of balance and overall wellness.


Dealing with Inner Critic

This video gives a quick introduction to the concept of nonjudgment. In this case, you are encouraged to explore how to step back from judgment of someone whom you find irritating.

Mindfulness While Drinking Water

This video is a mindfulness exercise that encourages you to bring your complete attention to the process of drinking water.

Mindfulness of the Moment

This video provides a mindfulness exercise to bring your awareness to the moment. In this case, the exercise teaches you a way to get unstuck from physical discomfort.