John works with organizations that want to create low stress workplaces that will ignite employee engagement, increase productivity, and strengthen profitability.

Flagship programs on stress management are noted below and are individualized based on the needs of the organization.

Unlock the power of wellness:
Build resilient organizations.

Develop strategies to reduce employee stress and foster a positive work environment.

Uncover the sources of stress and burnout imbedded in organizational culture.

Analyze the effects of employee stress on business outcomes.

Evaluate the impacts of employee stress on workplace accidents and safety.

Explore the connection between organizational values and employee experience.

Master the art of stress management:
Unleash pathways to balanced living

Develop practical techniques for managing stress effectively.

Define stressors and stress-related terms specific to various professions.

Unveil workplace stresses rooted in our current social and political climate.

Explore the physiological changes that unfold as workplace stress levels surge.

Craft a self-care centered wellness plan to achieve balanced living.

Additional areas of expertise include:

Incivility in the workplace

Mindfulness: Practical applications

Emotional intelligence

Change management

Your event attendees can expect…

To actively participate in the event using mobile technologies

To learn how to better function in a team

To acquire and practice tools that can be immediately applied to work/personal life


“Dr. John O’Brien delivered an engaging and infor­mative workshop for both our Veterans Employee Resource Group and Mental Health Initiative group. We look forward to bringing him back for more.

Five stars!”

Janie Pinterits, Ph.D. DEI Program Manager

“John O’Brien delivered an excellent presentation and was able to engage with participants. I am look­ing forward to holding additional presentations with John in the future.”

Michelle W, Senior Account Manager

“John is responsive, witty, and personable—the perfect partner for your training, education, and coaching needs.”

Mary Gagnon, Health Affiliates Maine

“We found Dr. John O’Brien. He was a joy to work with, fast to respond and his expertise in the areas of corporate military diversity and inclusion, with a special focus on PTSD was on point. I would highly recommend him for your speaking event.”

Joel S. Chair, Veteran Employee Resource Group

With over three decades of experience, John O’Brien is a seasoned expert in guiding individuals through significant life transitions by offering practical and actionable strategies to navigate change with ease. His expertise with both individuals and groups extends across a variety of professions, including business, healthcare, law, and financial services.